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How to end a rude conversation with grace


A muscular boy with short blonde spikes entered the library.  He spotted Lilly and strode purposefully in her direction.  He raised his hand and pointed a short stubby finger at her.  “Hey, aren’t you that dimwit who fell off the ferryboat?”

Lilly turned and looked him right in the eye.  His voice sounded familiar.  It belonged to one of the boys who’d helped Murosky get her to the infirmary the day she’d arrived on the island.  “Why, yes, I am.  I never got the chance to properly thank you for getting me off the beach before the high tide washed me back out to sea.  Thank you!” she said politely.

The boy stared back at her dumbfounded.  “That high tide was weird.  And, for the record, I didn’t carry you off the beach, Ren did.  But you’re welcome, I guess.”

“It couldn’t have been a high tide.  The moon wasn’t full,” Murosky argued.  “I told you that.”

With an even gaze at Lilly, the blonde-headed boy’s expression downshifted to mean.  “Nice to see you admit to being a dimwit,” he said scowling at her.  “Only a true dimwit would admit to doing such a stupid thing.”

Murosky’s face went purple.  “Aptos, I’m warning you.”

“Warning me about what?” Aptos countered, standing his ground.

“Keep it up and you’ll find out what,” Murosky threatened.

“Lilly!”  Zymura’s shout cut into their conversation.  Her voice came from the yearbook section.  “They’re not here!”  She sounded frantic.

“It’s a pity I’ve got to leave you boys now, but it was lovely chatting with you both.  Hopefully I’ll get to meet Ren sometime soon,” Lilly said before turning in the direction of Zymura’s voice.

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