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Zombie Makeup

When Halloween Zombie Makeup Goes Horribly Wrong!Little girls love playing grown up by mimicking the things they see their moms do. That includes the mysterious activity of applying makeup. I remember sitting on the bench next to the bathtub watching my mother putting on her makeup when she got herself ready to go out with my dad for the evening. First, she’d lift a fluffy pink puff from a small round box of loose powder and pat it all over her face and next. Next came the rouge. Blush was called rouge back then, and it came in a tiny case with a twist off lid. Mom would press a finger against the pat of rouge inside the case, tap it in dots across her cheek bones, and then blend it in. To me, that rough made my mom look like she’d spent a day in the sunshine. The next container that appeared in my mother’s manicured fingertips was a red rectangular box of Maybelline mascara. She’d push the case in on one side causing a drawer containing a hard black cake of paste and a really little toothbrush to pop out from the other side. This was before mascara came in cylindrical tubes with the brushes hidden inside. Mom would scrub the bristles of that little brush against that pat of black paste and then comb her eyelashes. Like magic, my mom’s lashes would lengthen and thicken right before my eyes. The mascara was followed by an application of eyeshadow. Eyeshadow back then looked like whipped cream and it came in a little round box with a twist off cap. Everyone, including my mom wore blue. Eyeliner came packaged pretty much like the mascara except it had a Barbie-sized paintbrush instead of the little black toothbrush. Mom would wet the paintbrush with water from the tap to make the cake of liner work. Using her pinkie finger, she’d stretch out an eyelid and paint a slender black line on her skin next to her lashes. And just like that, my mom looked like on of those ladies on television. The finishing touch came in a brilliant red bullet of color that rotated out of its short narrow tube with a twist. Lipstick. Candy Apple red lipstick! Mom smoothed the lipstick over her lips, kissed a Kleenex, and then replaced all of her mysterious containers inside the medicine cabinet. When she was finished, my mom looked prettier than a movie star!! One night after my mom and dad left for dinner and a movie, and my Aunt Alice fell asleep on the sofa in front of the television, guess what I did? Yup, you got it. I snuck into the bathroom, upended the trashcan, climbed on top, and got my hands on Mom’s makeup. When I finished applying the finishing touches to my face, I was shocked to find I had not achieved the same movie star results as my mother. For all my efforts, I ended up looking like a zombie from a horror movie. Do you have any "horror" stories of you or your kids getting into your makeup? Share them - I'd love to laugh right along with y ou! Posted by Deborah McTiernanAuthor of Lilly Noble & Actual MagicParanormal books for teenagersDeborah dares her readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic

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