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Keys To A Magical Life

A Few Keys to a Magical Life FOCUS: What you focus on moves you in the direction of whatever you desire. Pay attention only to the task at hand, and never to the end result. Ignore emotional pressure. Emotional pressure isn’t real, it clouds your thinking by making you anxious, and interferes with your decision making process. For example: If you feel you need to win, you will become fearful of losing. Decisions made based on fear can become self-fulfilling prophecies because the choices you make to avoid failure are emotional, not logical. When fear is absent you enter the zone. Inside the zone, everything becomes pure action. You care less about the outcome, become aware of only what you are doing, and will take the next best action. YOUR IDEAL STATE OF MIND: Focus only on your objective, and not on yourself. When you stop worrying about the outcome, you become unconcerned with the opinion of others. Automatically, your ego disappears and you stop second-guessing yourself. CREATE YOUR PERFECT IMAGE IN YOUR MIND: Imagine how will you feel. What will you look like? How will you dress? How will you sound? Create a unique, complete, and precise picture of exactly how you want the reality of your dreams to unfold. See yourself succeeding in every aspect in your life. Think about how you will treat others. Keep kindness uppermost in your mind, extend it to everyone, including those who perhaps have not been so gracious to you. By changing the things you say and do to others, you’ll shift their attitudes and actions toward you. This is where the real magic begins. RESPECT EVERYONE: Stop trying to convince others of how great you are, and instead show people how wonderful and amazing they are. Do not try to get people to believe in you; show them how to believe in themselves. Change how people see their world, and change their lives. When you focus on the good in others, positive people and positive experiences will flow into your life. It’s that simple. Posted by Deborah McTiernanAuthor of Lilly Noble & Actual MagicParanormal Books for TeenagersDares readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic Follow your dreams, or follow the crowd. You choose!


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