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What Do YOU Think Are Keys To A Magical Life?

Keys to a Magical Life Facebook PollOkay you guys,Here are the results of another Facebook Poll. What do you believe are the keys to a magical life? We all have a few rules we live by. Rules that define us by our integrity and make us who we are. What are some of your rules?Becky Levine Don't put "poison" out there, and read lots of books. Carola Dunn Don't panic and hang on to your towel. David Ryman if your breathings OK you have no problems - an old Yemeni saying that works in the West too.Gloria McClintock-Allendorfer Anderson Tell the people you love that you love them; always tell the truth; never take what isn't yours. Author Simone Fairchild Walking in the will of God. Alianne Donnelly Never give up on your dreams. Tammy Brandon Today. Just get through the day without strangling someone… Phyllis Starner Treat others the way you want to be treated! Be genuine. Posted by Deborah McTiernanAuthor of Lilly Noble & Actual MagicParanormal books for teenagersDares readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic within!

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