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Scariest Movies Ever

Deb’s Facebook Poll of the Scariest Movies Ever

What are the scariest movies you’ve ever seen? I’m not talking about just any old scary movie. I’m talking about the ones you sit through with your eyes squeezed shut and your fingers in your ears. You know, the ones that send you into the lobby trembling and screaming with your mouth shut so people don’t think you’re being murdered!

For me, it’s “The Omen”.

What’s yours?

The Exorcist Straightjacket Haunting of Hell House Hellraiser The Woman in Black Texas Chainsaw Massacre Nomads Nightmare on Elm Street Life Force Naked Prey Rosemary’s Baby (and yes, Sue, I do remember watching this at Uncle Tommy’s house! I had my eyes closed and my fingers in my ears.) The Conjuring Boris Karloff’s The Mummy Friday the 13th Don’t be Afraid of the Dark Alien Children of the Corn The Shining Wait Until Dark Signs Hitchcock’s Psycho Silence of the Lambs Stephen King’s It (the one about the clown in the sewer – I didn’t sleep for weeks and could leap into bed from 12 feet away!!!)

Posted by Deborah McTiernan – Author of Lilly Noble & Actual Magic – Paranormal Books for Teenagers


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