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Know What to do When You Are Summoned to the Principal’s Office


In writing my Actual Magic series for Young Adults, I drew upon all my favorite story characters I loved as a kid, and all the fun times I spent in Mother Superior’s office to create my own.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Miss Lilly Noble, please report to Headmistress Bonaventure’s office immediately.  Thank you, students.  That will be all.”

A click snapped through the school’s hallowed halls as the public announcement system shut off.

Zymura’s shock registered on her face with wide eyes.   “What do you think that’s about?”

Students passing in the hallway pointed at Lilly and whispered behind their hands.

Lilly shrugged.  “I have no idea.”  And if she didn’t know what the announcement was about, then she was pretty sure the kids hissing their annoying opinions about her loud enough for her to hear them, didn’t have a clue either.  Of course, even that bit of reasoning didn’t stop her worried heart from thumping wildly in her chest.  “Save me a seat in the dining hall.  I’ll join you and Shellaire as soon as I can.”

When Lilly got to the school secretary’s desk, Mrs. Agon immediately ushered her into Miss Bonaventure’s empty office.

“Have a seat, please.  Headmistress will be with you momentarily.”  The tuft of frizzy white hair atop Mrs. Agon’s head waved in the breeze as the she ran out the door.  Lilly wondered how the woman got her hair to stand up like that.

The door clicked shut behind the secretary, leaving Lilly alone in Miss Bonaventure’s office.

This office belonged to no ordinary headmistress of just any school.  This office belonged to a mystery who was the headmistress of a magical school.

Notes scribbled into the calendar on the large oak desk were in hieroglyphs.  A pointed witch’s hat covered with glowing orange stars hung from the branch of a coat tree, a real birch growing out of a hole in the floor.  A cast iron cauldron bubbled and hissed over a deep green candle flame.  Hovering above the desk, a dark blue crystal ball twinkled as it gently rotated on its axis.  The broom propped in the corner fell suddenly, hitting the pumpkin next to it with a hollow thwack, before clattering to the floor.

The door banged open.

Miss Bonaventure rushed inside, flushed and out of breath.  She wore a tight, navy blue, pinstriped skirt and jacket.  The bun on top of her head was coming apart and sat slightly askew.  With a quick glance in the corner and a flick of her index finger, the broom righted itself.  “That’s been falling down a lot lately.  I’m sorry to keep you waiting, Miss Noble.  I was on the other side of the campus when I heard Mrs. Agon announce your name overhead.  I apologize for that, too.  That was my fault.  When I gave my secretary her list of tasks for the day, I may have failed to mention I wanted you notified by note, and to have you meet me here after your day’s classes.”

She gave her bun a shove.  It wobbled slightly and settled into place.

“And, just between you and me, that woman does love the loudspeaker,” she added with a grin.

Lilly nodded, and with a tiny grin of her own, she indicated she understood perfectly.  Though, she didn’t — not really.

Dares readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic within!


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