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Guilty Pleasures – Facebook Poll

Guilty Pleasures Facebook Poll!

What’s your favorite Guilty Pleasure?

Those things you do when you’re home from work sick, or you’re sad and all you want to do is lay on the couch and stare at the wall.

Mine are : chocolate chip ice cream with extra chips I’ve added from the bag I keep in the cupboard for emergencies, and the movie, “Mama Mia”!

What are yours?

Maria Edwards – When I am sad and want to curl up in a corner and die, I get up and actually go out and find a way to help someone less fortunate than myself. Works every time. My day ends with a heart full of gratefulness for all that I do have.

Tom Williams – Breyer’s mint chocolate chip ice cream. Yum!

Roger Dean Kiser – Hershey’s Dark Chocolate THE BIG BARS

Simone Fairchild – That would be a Pay Day candy bar.

Leigh Polson – Iced coffee, fast food or some other kind of junk food.

Wilma Roark Mets – Going to Goodwill and buying something for a kid that’s there with their mother that has very little money and the kid is crying for an item.. gives me a chance to talk to the mother and tell her I have to do it for me not him. and how good God has been to me. God is so good and is so good to me.. That works for me..

Belladonna Bordeaux – I curl up on the couch and watch total runs of series.

Valerie Doty – Make popcorn. Watch a movie. Banana ice cream for dessert. When I’m sick I make tapioca pudding.

David Ryman – well I’m a bloke so its riding motorbikes very fast.

Allison Harris – Mine is vanilla frozen yogurt, melted in the microwave until it’s like a malt with chocolate syrup!

Mospearet Toobay – I turn on my Wii and play some righteous tennis while cursing out the computer players on the other side when they ace me. Gets my blood to pumping and my spirits up. As I always have a book handy I chill reading after my work out.

MoKelly Saderholm – Fashion mags.

Merle Burbaugh Jr – Write a book or story, drink a pot or two of coffee and play World of Tanks.

Tammy Brandon – Hide in the bath tub with a great book and a cold Dr. pepper…!!!!! don’t forget the bubbles too…

Ann Roth – Listen to podcasts (I like NPR stuff like Snap Judgment and This American Life) while I play solitaire online.

Nancy Cohen – A Hallmark movie on TV. I like the sappy endings.

Susan Sutherland – any good chick flick and Cheetos

Rebecca J. Clark – I watch Criminal Minds reruns. Strangely, it makes me feel better!

Randall Reed – Chips and Godzilla…

Posted by Deborah McTiernan

Author of Lilly Noble & Actual Magic

Paranormal Books for Teenagers


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