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The Art of the Blog

The Art of the Blog I would rather have all my fingernails and toenails pulled out than make myself sit down and write a blog. Seriously! To me, being told I have to blog is the same as my mom making me write thank you notes when I was a kid. I anticipate performing both tasks with the same sense of impending doom. After Christmases and birthdays at our house, my mother would dutifully set her giant box of thank you notes on the gray Formica play table in the basement, and tell my sister and me to get to work. My little sister would grunt and drag the gymnastics mat into the center of the basement and stand on her head. Beth was great at standing on her head, and could do it for what seemed like hours. In my mind, she put herself in an upside down position so she could brainstorm all the wonderful words of appreciation she would be putting into her thank you notes. I, on the other hand, stared at the box on the table and worried my thank you notes would be boring, and my East Coast relatives would think I was ungrateful. So, as I sit here in my office these many years later and count up all the words I’ve just written here, (222 to be exact -- keep writing!) -- (I’ve been told a good blog post runs between 250-400 words), I think about my sister standing on her head and my mother’s bottomless box of crisp white thank you notes waiting patiently to be written in. If you have a subject you’d like to see me to blog about, please feel free to submit it here. Any and all suggestions are welcome. And because I’m trying really hard to be digitally popular so I can go viral, please do me a huge favor and like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Join me next week when I blog about an absence excuse I wrote to my son’s third grade teacher. He’d had the chicken pox. I told her he’d been kidnapped by aliens. Thank you for listening.Posted by Deborah McTiernanAuthor of Lilly Noble & Actual MagicParanormal Books for Teenagers(P.S. 375 words!)

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