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Please Feed The Man Living In The Box Under Your Bed

Please feed the man living in the box under your bed.

In writing my Actual Magic series for Young Adults, I drew upon all my favorite story books I loved as a kid to create my own.  Does anyone out there in Cyberland know where the idea to store Lilly’s dad in a box under her evil stepmother’s bed came from?  The right guess will win you a Kindle!  Send your answer to the contact email address on my website.

Here’s an excerpt:

Morgann placed the steaming bowl of oatmeal on the night table.  “It’s too dark in here.”

She aimed her index finger at the big bay windows.  The drapes whipped open and the sunlight streamed in.

With a careless flick of her wrist, the long, wooden box under her bed rolled out as easily as a dresser drawer.

Good thing she’d remembered to install casters on the bottom of the box before putting it to use.

“Wakey, wakey my sleeping prince,” she said cheerfully as she rapped her knuckles lightly on the lid.

She grabbed the knob on the top of the box and raised the hinged lid.  “Ready for some breakfast?”

Morgann looked down to find her new husband’s eyes wide open and glaring at her.

Uncomfortable under the scrutiny of his intense stare, she slammed the lid shut and quickly shoved the box back under the bed.

“I’ll feed you later when you’re in a better mood.”

Posted by Deborah McTiernan Author of Lilly Noble & Actual Magic Dares readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic within!


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