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Learn How To Be A Good Roommate – AND How To Find a Boyfriend

In writing my Actual Magic series for Young Adults, I drew upon all my favorite story characters I loved as a kid to create my own.  Some girls can be very confusing.

Here’s an excerpt:

“You don’t have any clothes?”  Shellaire dragged her trunk in front of the closet.

Lilly shook her head, “No.  Nothing at all.”

“I’d say you and I wear the same size.  You’re feet are a little smaller, but we can take care of the whole shoe thing with some magic.”  Shellaire’s voice came across remarkably smooth.  

The girl’s attitude was kind and convincing.  And she didn’t smell like stinky feet.  Whatever she was up to, she wasn’t lying.  At least not yet, she wasn’t.

“Are you offering to share some of your clothes?”  Zymura spoke up.

Ignoring Zymura, Shellaire turned and looked Lilly right in the eye.  “I’ll make you a deal.  I’ve got two more trunks just like this one standing out in the hallway.  If you’re willing to share some of your closet space with me, I’m happy to share my clothes with you.  What do you think?”  She put her hands on her hips and struck a pose.  “Is that all right with you?”

Startled and overwhelmed by the girl’s generosity, Lilly felt herself on the verge of tears.  “Yes.  Thank you.”

Zymura abruptly cleared her throat.  “I’m Zymura.”

“I know who you are,” Shellaire snapped.

Zymura flinched, but quickly recovered.

The girl took a deep breath and exhaled.  “Can you two keep a secret?”

Zymura nodded.

“Of course, we can.”  Lilly couldn’t figure this girl out.

“I’m not really stuck up, but don’t tell anyone, especially the boys.”

“Oh, I thought something was bothering you.”  Lilly was curious why someone would want people to purposely think she was a snob.

“Boys don’t like nice girls.  They like mean girls they can’t push around.”  Shellaire glanced quickly from Lilly to Zymura.  “A boy won’t tell you that, but it’s true.  I read about that on the Internet.  I’ve been practicing my new attitude.  What do you think?”

Zymura nodded her approval while adding a look of disbelief.  “Very convincing.”

“Why do you want people to think you’re a snob?”  Lilly kept her expression neutral, and wondered why anyone would prefer to be nasty over just being straightforwardly nice.

“I want a boyfriend.  My new attitude is how I intend to get me a really good one,” Shellaire grunted, hauling a second steamer trunk into the room from the hall.  “I’ve got all the books telling you how to get a boy’s attention right in here.”  She patted the side of her luggage.

Zymura pulled the third steamer trunk into the room and closed the door behind her.

“If you guys help me get unpacked, we’ll have enough time before the school assembly to put on makeup and try on a few of my tiaras.  You want to help?”

Lilly hoisted the first trunk unto her bed, popped the clasps, and lifted the lid.  “Tell me what you want me to do first.”

Dares readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic within!


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