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Keys to a Magical Life : Facebook Poll

Keys to a Magical Life Facebook Poll

Okay you guys,Here are the results of another Facebook Poll.

What do you believe are the keys to a magical life? We all have a few rules we live by. Rules that define us by our integrity and make us who we are. What are some of your rules?

Becky Levine – Don’t put “poison” out there, and read lots of books.

Carola Dunn – Don’t panic and hang on to your towel.

David Ryman – If your breathing’s OK you have no problems – an old Yemeni saying that works in the West too.

Gloria McClintock-Allendorfer Anderson – Tell the people you love that you love them; always tell the truth; never take what isn’t yours.

Author Simone Fairchild – Walking in the will of God.

Alianne Donnelly – Never give up on your dreams.

Tammy Brandon – Today. Just get through the day without strangling someone…

Phyllis Starner – Treat others the way you want to be treated! Be genuine.

Posted by Deborah McTiernan – Author of Lilly Noble & Actual Magic – Paranormal books for teenagers

Dares readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic within!


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