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How to deal to with a jealous ex!


A hand shot out, grabbed Lilly by the shoulders, and slammed her back hard against the metal wall of folded bleachers.

The resulting clang echoed throughout the crowded gymnasium.

Everyone turned and stared.

Lilly found herself standing face to face with a very pretty girl with a pointy nose, a long, shiny black ponytail, and a nasty smile.

“Who do you think you are dancing with my Murosky like that?”  The girl arched one sharply angled eyebrow and curled her upper lip into a snarl.

“What?” Lilly asked, her mind too startled and too stunned to form an answer.

“Stay away from him!  Do you hear me?”  The girl’s tone was threatening.

“Loud and clear,” Lilly said quickly, trying to wrench herself free of the girl’s pinching grip.  “Not a problem.”

The girl released Lilly’s shoulders.  “He’s mine.”  Then, the girl turned, and with her ponytail swishing from side to side, she casually strolled away.

“Put a leash on him next time.”  Lilly kept her eyes on the retreating girl as she rubbed her sore shoulder and straightened her sparkly sweater.  “Who was that?”

Zymura moaned.  “Dayleen Kozar, she’s Murosky Skaggs’ supposedly ex-girlfriend.”

“She’s not acting like an ex.  I think your sources were wrong about their break up,” Lilly observed, still shaking from the encounter.

“Or, Dayleen’s in denial about their relationship being over.  Looks like you’ve made an enemy.”

“Great.  On top of not being able to remember anything, now I have an enemy, too.”

Dares readers to believe in themselves and discover the magic within!

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