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Deborah donates print books to libraries and classrooms across the country.  To have books donated to your organization, fill out the contact form below with information about your group/organization!  We will contact you with details within one week.

Deborah has donated over 2000 copies of her debut novel, Lilly Noble & Actual Magic to classrooms, libraries, and schools throughout the United States.



$1.00 from the sale of every print book is donated to the Actual Magic Scholarship Foundation for graduating high school seniors.  $1000.00 scholarships will be awarded each spring.  The number of scholarships awarded is dependent on book sales. 

To qualify for a scholarship:
Please send a 1000 word essay explaining what integrity means to you.  In your submission, share a time when you knowingly did something without integrity, what you did to make it right, and how that experience made you a better person and changed your life in a positive way. 

Send essays to
Winners will be announced on Deborah’s blog.


To request a video chat with the author for your classroom, contact us below!

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