Lilly Noble & the Secret Garden


Lilly Noble


the Secret Garden

On her last visit home to Archer's Bow, Lilly discovered a kohl-lined, alabaster Eye of Horus.

When the eye's pale green iris seemed to be studying her every move, a sense of paranoia settled over Lilly.

Growing increasingly frightened by the creepy eye, Lilly disposed of the ancient talisman, for good and forever.  In the one place she was certain it would never again be found.

Or did she?

A Mystery's Collection of 101 Love Spells            From Shellaire Lombard's Diary

             And the Magical World of Lilly Noble 

                     COMPANION NOVEL TO


A Mystery's Collection of 101 Love Spells
       From Shellaire Lombard's Diary
  And the Magical World of Lilly Noble

Rooted deep in the lore of the Lilly Noble Series, these love spells, mystical amulets, and not too unpleasant potions come to you courtesy of Lilly Noble's best friend and nicest roommate, Shellaire Lombard.

If you must craft, craft these spells with great care.  At slumber parties, sleepovers, campouts or simply on your own.

But BEWARE:  Love is everywhere.  And if your heart is open and willing, love will find you when you least expect it!

Deb's Top Secret Confidential

         Storyteller Workbook

                A Writer's Guide



Deb's Top Secret Confidential Storyteller Workbook

A Writer's Guide

If writing a story is something you've always longed to do, then Deb's Top Secret Confidential Storyteller Workbook is the place to begin.

Deb's workbook works for all story genres, and breaks down the writing process for you in an easy to follow, step-by-step fashion. 

After creating your characters, plots, subplots, red herrings, ticking clocks, and hidden secrets, the workbook story map then shows you how to layer them into the tantalizing novel.


So let your writing journey begin.

Lilly Noble & the Phantom Rush

Amazon's #1 New Release in Children's Literature Collections

#1 Amazon best-seller Children's Fairy tales, Folk Tales, & Myths Collections

Lilly Noble & the Phantom Rush.png

Lilly Noble


the Phantom Rush 

With her first year at Bonaventure's Academy of Magic behind her, fourteen-year-old Lilly Noble returns home to discover something dark and terrible has crept out of the shadows and is preying on the good folks of Archer's Bow.



When her dad's usually calm demeanor switches from Jekyll to Hyde, Lilly grasps the true nature of the entity wreaking havoc in her beloved hometown.  Striving to solve the mystery; she is quickly thrown off course by betrayal, deceit, and long buried secrets.



Lilly realizes she needs help.  But, where can she find it?



For Lilly Noble, this visit home becomes a horrible test.  If she is to save Archer's Bow from a devastating fate, she must make choices that weigh survival against death, and good against evil.

Lilly Noble & Actual Magic 

The story that began it all!


Lilly Noble


Actual Magic

After the collision claimed her mother’s life and left her with a memory full of holes, Lilly Noble is sent away to boarding school on the gloomy island of Raven’s Landing, Maine.


Though feeling exiled and abandoned by her father, she is determined to fill in the blanks the accident left in her mind. When she meets the hypnotically charming and strangely intense Murosky Skaggs, his unnatural curiosity and careful attentions toward her raise her suspicions. His stories don’t add up.


Lilly’s search for the truth beneath his lies causes her life to take a thrilling and terrifying twist. What she doesn’t realize is the closer she gets to revealing his dark secret, the closer she comes to regaining her memory and unmasking her mother’s murderer. But something else, something far more sinister is lurking just off the coast. It’s been there, waiting for her.


Lilly’s quest for answers puts her and those around her in mortal danger, and once she starts down that path, there is no turning away from her destiny, if she can survive.


Young Adult and Paranormal

Lilly Noble & Actual Magic a

Lilly Noble & Actual Magic, a gremoire



Lilly Noble & Actual Magic, a gremoire, is the companion journal to Lilly Noble & Actual Magic, volume one of Deborah McTiernan's Actual Magic series.


Within these pages, Deborah has hidden clues to Lilly Noble's future adventures.



Deborah invites you to record your own wishes and dreams, thoughts and secrets for Lilly and her friends as the saga continues.


You never know.



Actual Magic is everywhere, and written wishes have a wonderful way of coming true!